Feature Request. Add location selection menu for Projection tool

Sergey Louks shared this idea 5 years ago
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Hi. I often Locus and Line tools (Geocaching tools) to search for distant objects. I choose Geochaching tools -> Line tools, then set start point (A) -> select saved point from "Start point (source of location)" dialog, then set end point -> and select second saved point (B) from "Start point (source of location)" dialog. Then I remember azimuth between this two points, then go to "Start point (source of location)" dialog for an "End point", select Projection tool, use point (B) for start point and azimuth between points (A)-(B).

So it possible to add "Source of location" dialog for azimuth? In this case I can skip first part where I compute azimuth and just set point point (B) as azmuth between points (A)-(B).

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–źnother reason for this feature request - I plan to write a Locus review in which will show examples of Locus use for planning shots with telephoto optics (example http://goo.gl/sWqzaV)


If it's not possible to add selection menu for "Projection tool", maybe you can add another option, where you can define the beginning of the line, a point somewhere on the line and and the required distance. In this case, it will be much easier to make cross bearing.