Feature: Track navigation reversely

Norbert Josten shared this question 3 years ago

Hi, I would like to drive a bike gpx-track reversely.

a) klick bike-track > navigate button > "Navigation" --- only in the direction which is in the gpx-data

Reverse not possible. Too bad.

b) klick bike-track > navigate button > "guidiance" provides "Guide reversely" --- for me not useful

Best regards


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Hi Norbert,

create a copy of the GPX track and check "Change route orientation (reverse)". Then start navigation along this revered copy.


Hi Bernardo,

I'm merging this topic with a similar one. There you can find the answer.


Thank You Michael,

i understand this workaround, but imagine to be on the top of a hill, into the fog, with your gloves and -10 degrees.

A "back" function on your current track, with a single click is what you would like to have.

Maybe it is a feature you can add to the "pro" version :-)


I understand Bernardo. We don't refuse the idea. Unfortunately, there is a certain risk in it - a lot of our users' routes are created along roads and intersections and reverse navigation along such a route doesn't respect traffic situation in the reverse direction (roundabouts, oneways...) We'll have to think about some valid security measures how to enable this and, all the same, how to prevent damage and injuries in case of an accident that would be blamed upon Locus.