Fieldnotes Pro Export in ANSI not UTF-8

Wolfgang shared this idea 7 years ago


I import the fieldnotes.txt into GSAK to log my caches. The Problem is that GSAK only supports ANSI and not UTF-8. So I always have problems with German Umlauts and other special characters.

I'd like to have a setting to choose between ANSI or UTF-8. Would it be possible to implement such a setting?

Regards Wolfgang

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Good day Wolfgang,

I've changed your "bug" into "idea" so others may vote if interested in this topic, which should push add-on developer little bit ( in case of interest) . Thank you for understanding.


I guess this here now can be closed. I use since a few months the "Logs manager" wich one works fine, even if there are several features missing.

From my point of view Fieldnotes Pro is forgotten and will disappear one day.


Hello, thanks for the info.

Yes, I may confirm that this addon, based on email from it's developer, won't be developed anymore.

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