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File "icons" didn't find it

ivo Nörenberg shared this question 5 years ago

I made some customized icon zip files. Now I deleted one zip file with customized icons and I get the message: File "icons" didn't find it. Do I still use one icon of this missing zip file? If how can I find this missing icon and change it to something else?

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Hello ivo,

I noticed this problem as well after some changes in custom icons and have to say, that this problem has not yet simple solution.

You may try to hide all points, restart app and then try to open folders of points till you find one, that also displays this warning on the screen. Sorry, no better solution so far.


I finally found the missing icons. At first I was looking for missing icons, then I discovered that missing icons are exchanged with the folder icon. When I clicked on the points with folder icons I found the missing icons.


Pls give correct solution

We are already checked everything can't find file

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