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Fill altitude downloads only vertexes, not all the area

myneur shared this idea 9 years ago

I want to download an elevation data for California because of hillshading. I want either to be able to do it in Locus shop or to draw a path around it and click to download all.

Currently: Fill altitude function of path downloads an elevation data only at corners of the path, not even all along the path, or preferably all the area of the path.

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Hello myneur,

I'm personally not sure if such feature is now needed.

With version 3.4.0, we introduced improved system for loading HGT files. Right after you finish download of any vector map from Locus Store, Locus offer you one-time possibility to download all HGT files that covers downloaded map. With this method, you should always have all required HGT files for certain areas (defined by vector map).

Way, how Locus works now, makes a sense. Fact that you draw loooong lines and wants to fill altitude means, that Locus tries to fill altitude just for points of this line. Locus do not need some HGT files between, where no points exists. Such method (Fill altitude) do not serve primary for downloading HGT files.

So I have to say sorry, but your request wants to change "Fill altitude" feature to something like "Download all HGT files that area in area covered by my pre-selected shape". And I cannot agree with it.


That is a good solution. I was not aware of it. I downloaded a last map before 3.4.0.



There used to be a way of downloading HGT files by creating a point and then choosing to "fill" the altitude, which would then download a HGT tile. I don't know if htat is still implemented.


This method still works and it is also method that myneur talks about. Only he use track for this purpose and not a point. And in case of track, Locus fill altitude (and download HGT files) only for a track points, not everything along track. That was the problem.

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