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Filter for emoijis in geocache name

A. Weber shared this problem 5 years ago


I have a geocache with an emoji in its name. This emoji is shown correctly on the map popup or list of waypoints.

In the geocache details I cannot see the emoji but the HTML Code 👍 which represents the the Unicode value of this character. This code is what's actually in the title in the GPX file.

Now I would like to filter for this emoji and entered it in the filter dialog, but this results in an empty filter. If I filter for 1f44d, this cache is found. But who can remember codes of emojis?

Would it be possible to search with the emoji?

Thank you,


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Hello Andreas,

sorry for a delay in my response (vacation).

I'm now testing your cache and it seems that emoji is no longer there, is it possible? The problem in the top headline should be solvable. Anyway, filtering should be a little challenging. Let me know if the problem is still valid and if there is any cache I may use for test. Thanks.


Hello Menion,

thank you for your reply. I had another look into this and figured out the problem. The cache had 👍 in its title. It was missing the closing semicolon (👍). With that semicolon, I can search for emojis.



Ah perfect, glad that it works (to my own surprise :) )


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