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Filter geocache is "space sensitive"

Martin shared this problem 8 years ago

Hi out there,

once again I have a small bug report:

I found out that filtering is "space sensitive".

I tried to filter for some geocaches by name, and i saw that it makes a difference if there is a space at the end of the search words.

So "Birken" brings other results than "Birken " (with a space at the end).

Where the space comes from?

I use a very common keyboard app on my devices - its called Swiftkey.

It has a option to automatically add a space after every written word to increase my speed of typing.

It would be great if you could chance this, so that this added space makes no difference any more.

Thank you very much for your work!

Martin aka Eastpak1984

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Thank you Martin for your precise report! Issue will be fixed in next version.

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