Filter geocaches on field notes

GarenKreiz shared this idea 7 years ago

From a long list of geocaches, it would be nice not only to filter on Found or Calculated but also on the existence of notes (field notes or plain notes). It would select the geocaches that the user had interest in. Maybe also sort on the existence of attachments.

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Hello GarenKreiz,

this task is currently quite complicated. Locus is trying to load as less information about caches as possible (due to memory limits), so when you display list of caches - these information are not known.

I have to decline your idea, anyway I'll say you what is planned and I hope it will please you.

1. Currently, work with existing field notes is little bit complicated. It's planned to united all places where you may work with field notes into one, fast and easy "Field note manager".

2. I agree that such feature is missing here - mark some points (not only a caches), which are interesting for you. In case of caches it's double important, because here is missing ability to change icon. So I definitely plan something like this.

I would like to make these both points working during July/August. So I hope, both will cover at least partially your needs.



Thanks for the fast feedback!

What I was thinking of was just a boolean like the "Calculated" one, set if any note was added.

But with new features, Locus is constantly growing and I understand you have to keep it efficient.

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