Filter of geocache using 'own name''

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I haven't found any answer to this so let me ask the question. How specifically 'own name' filter works for caches (POIs). Does it work on a value that is in the owner's field or it's working on the tags behind?? Is owner set during the import of points or it's working on existing in Locus as well?

The reason I ask is that I have two folders with caches: one of them contains caches from GC.cOM, the other one caches from Since I do not have any own caches in GC I can;t check how it works there, but for opencaching it doesn't work unfortunately. I set my name in the settings (geocaching section) which is the same as owner's name of some points in the folder. However when I select to disable or see only own caches, the filter does not give any results. Can you advice ?

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opencaching caches are read and processed as common points by Locus so the owner of the cache is not known to the app. Only geocaches (maintained by can be filtered by this parameter.

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