Filter cache by owner

Jarda Kvapil shared this idea 5 years ago
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Sometimes I like find cache from one owner. It is a owner serie, nice cache etc. Do you can add one text filed and filter by owner?


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Hello Jarda,

I think that filter should stay fast and slim. Even current versions seems to be "too big" ... anyway because searching for some text values already works in full-text searching, I added also this. So if you`ll use full-text search on POIs ( ), it will also search in cache owners (since next version)


I try search cache by owner in LocusPro 2.11.1. It is ok, but ... :) The searching is too long. And I can`t add filter: find by this owner and don`t found by me or corrected. I understand, that you can have it easy so I think, that Filtr activity can be further improved.

First text box can be expanded for filtering by owner or GC code (Filter by name, owner or GC code)

Thanks a lot


I changed this topic from "implemented" state back to default, because seems that it`s not yet by your imagination :).

Anyway I cannot help here now. Filter dialog will be probably improved, because there is more then this requests, but for now, I cannot simply add this parameter into searching. It will complicate me a lot current system and I think, that solution over "full-text" search is good enough compare to number of usage


I would pick up on the subject, because it basically fits my question.

When I look at a cache, I can click on the owner and view his profile or send him a message.

Would it be possible to load other caches from this owner and e.g. import them into a list or just to display on map?