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c.s.g. shared this idea 10 years ago
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I have a database containing about 4500 geocaches but only 200 are shown on the map by checking the corresponding checkbox.

Is it possible to filter / show only these selected geocaches on the points screen?

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sorry for a late response. May you please specify your question little more? Because I do not undestand



(1) I select a database with about 4500 geocaches.

(2) I mark 20 of geocaches (not in a sequence, one after the other) by checking the checkbox on the right side of the geocache.

(3) I select one of these marked geocaches and turn to map view.

(4) All 20 geocaches are shown in map view, what is ok.

(5) Select the database again.

(6) All 4500 geocaches are shown in this "poi view"

==> Is there a filter setting, that only the 20 geocaches are shown in the points list, that have the checkbox checked?

I meen the checkbox described in "" Point 3.

I hope that helps.


ah perfectly understand now.

This feature is anyway currently missing in Locus. You bring me some ideas by this topic, so I changed it to "Idea" and I`ll look at it soon

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