Filtering for Rother Routes

Beno Müller shared this idea 4 years ago

Many thanks for including the Rother routes (will be interesting to see whether you will also include several day hikes such as GR20 etc.). That's a great addition to your already very useful app! Just an idea: it would be very useful to filter the route attributes in the Locus shop e.g. when displaying the previews on the map. Filtering could be based on public transport-connection, duration etc.

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Dear Beno,

thank you for the idea. The filtering of the Routes is already planned. Basically in the same way as you suggested - to offer a map view where it would be possible to filter the tracks.

Anyway, would you please send me more info about the transport-connection filter? What information are important for you?

Thanks, Petr


Wow, this is really great news! Sorry for not being clear about the public transport connection. It's the attribute which informs the user whether the route is reachable by public transport. For illustraiton, I attached a picture where the attribute is circled red.

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