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Frank shared this idea 6 years ago
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I would like to search for POI of category 'fuel' along the current track.

Sometimes my bike is almost empty and I'm oncly capable of driving another 20 km's, but do not want to leave the track and drive for too long in unknown territory.

Hence it would be very nice to specify a range (2km) of corridor to search around the current track.

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Good day Frank,

thank you for your question. I've changed it to idea, because nothing like this is implemented. So other may votes if interested ...


Hi Frank, you can easily emulate that today in less than a minute:

- select zoom level 11 or 12 and navigate a bit beyond your current position (towards target)

- access the POI DB

- select the category of choice

- show the POIs

- then move the map center somewhat forward towards target

- after 3 selections, you have about 20 KM stretch of relevant POIs

- go to zoom level 13 or so, so that the distance ring of 2 km is visible

- makes your choice(s)

Steps above look a bit lengthy, but are easy in the end; just tried it myself.


Thanks Michael,

That is what I also thought. But in general, it would make a great addition to Locus to compete better with the Garmin Map 60 series!.

I use a Blackview 6000 rugged phone, and cannot wait to completely ditch the 60-series all together! ;-)


I would probably use this feature to show geocaches along a route.. so POI folder option would be nice.



I also prefer the full feature over the workaround - just to be clear :-) !

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