Finding first point on imported track / POI proximity alerts

Markus Ludwig shared this question 16 months ago
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as a visually impaired user of LM i am having trouble getting two issues out of my way.

1. I would like to use navigation on an imported track. As most of my tracks are roundtrips, i am having a hard time to determine where the first (start) point is located on the track. Is there a way to have the map to snap / zoom to this particular point?

2. Is there a way to have LM announce Points of Interest which are at close proximity while using navigation on a route? And if so, would this also work for elements on maps like OSM (for example announcement of traffic lights)?

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Hi Markus,

1) start navigation from the track/route manager, not from map.

2) Yes, there is "POI alert" feature that notifies of selected points coming closer. However, it works only with user points, not OSM points on map.