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Qba shared this idea 9 years ago

Is there a possibility that new (quite interesting) functionality "global folders styles for tracks" could be not default one for tracks? Or that user have possibility to choose between options for folder: "tracks in folder: folder style / track style".

Where is problem: at this moment I have folder with many tracks styled with 7 styles and all of them now obtain folder style as default. To change them back as a track style I have to manually change them all one by one.

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I was thinking about this quite a lot, and final decision was to make all existing track use folder styles by default. When you import new tracks, then they a) have own styles (from KML) then they use them, or don`t have, then use folders styles. When you create new track, you may choose in save dialog anyway by default is again "folder style", so only problem remain already existing tracks.

The way how you think is on way. Opposite and by me, more common is to set global styles for folders and let them apply on tracks. In this case, user will have to change all tracks styles manually to use folder styles. That`s why I decided to this solution.

There is anyway one faster way. Are you familiar with SQLite databases? I`m asking because tracks are stored on card in database and you may change one parameter that define which style should be used.

I may suggest tool called SQLite Expert.

If you open in this tool file Locus/data/database/tracks.db, then in table tracks are stored all your tracks :). In last column "use_category_style" is defined what you need. There may be "null", "o", or "1" values, anyway set all tracks to "0" and all tracks will then use your own styles, not tracks itself

To do it, simply open tracks.db database file, tap on top tab called SQL and write there simple query

UPDATE tracks SET use_category_style = 0

Then save database. This will change all to what you need.

If you`ll have problems with it, write me and I`ll try to describe it more precise

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