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Follow track + guide on to geocache

kwizatz haderach shared this question 6 years ago


Is it possible to follow a track and still be navigating or a guide on to a point such as a geocache?

If it is, please teach me how to do it.

If it isn't, could it be added to locus? It is very useful when you are following a track while geocaching.

Best regards, and keep up the awesome work.

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Good day ,

unfortunately only single guide/navigation system may be running at once, so this is currently not possible.

What I may suggest, is using combination of navigation & POI Alert feature. With this, you may get a notification when you are close to any cache during navigation. Anyway to guide to cache, it's still needed to terminate navigation.


Thanks for the answer. I hope it will be possible in the near future. I would use it constantly.


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