Font too small to read with map level 4-11

Roland Franze shared this problem 6 months ago
Not a Problem

I use Lo maps, they start at level 12 and they are great!

But I would need a good Europe "Overview" map too.

No matter which online map I choose, the font is so small, to read.

The setting to zoom the map helps a bit but ist still not enough.

Did I oversee something. Wrong setting...?

Is there a offline Europe Map available too?

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Dear Roland,

I can suggest to try offline "World base map". Please open Menu > Store > search for "World base map" > and download it. This map is quite special - Locus automatically display it when you zoom-out to level 8.

It's not level=12 but it may be helpful.

BR Petr


that is what I was looking for

thanks a lot