Founds import from GC Live API

Thomas Hanslik shared this idea 11 years ago
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An Idea: Is it possible to import the actual number of founds to Locus from GC Live API on start?

I set the founds manually in Locus. When i go geocaching, i search in locus & official geocaching app for geocaches. Locus for offline / PQ and for online / spontaneous the official app. So if i found a cache witch is not stored in Locus by PQ my founds are not correct when i log the cache in the official app. So i have set it over again in Locus

I privilege Locus for geocaching and i now there is a plugin called geocaching4locus but this is not available for the time

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I also would love to import the founds query (if exists) over live api if possible.

Till now I have to do it manually (set pq in the todo list at groundspeak, download it via browser, import file in locus).

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