Freezeing after saving track

Paweł Walesa shared this problem 3 years ago

I noticed after update 2-3 version backwards, that when I'm saving recorded track, Locus Pro can hang up (on a few seconds) and sometimes exit entirely to system android. Track is saved but on first is freezing and then Locus can exit without confirmation ? At one time, Locus acted fluently after saving track... What is reason this problems ?



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It's difficult to answer correctly here.

try to create backup (backup manager).

reinstall locus.

reply your outcome here.

further problems? -> create a logfile also.


Good day Pawel,

as gynta, correctly mentined, creating of log is probably only method, how to get correct information about "why Locus crash when storing a tracks". Are there also any other troubles when work with Locus? Because rarely in some cases should be also problem in damaged SD card, so it's sometimes worth to check it as well.