full backup and restore - device change not 100% working

Wolfgang shared this problem 10 months ago
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I'm just on the way to replace my device. I thought I do a backup and restore and later I copy the maps folder back to the device. Unfortunately it was not so easy.

I miss in the backup file these two folders:



It would be great if you could add them (optionally) in the backup.

I know it's a kind of third party but if it's not too much work, the settings of the FieldNotes addon would be nice to have in the backup too.

Thanks Wolfgang

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Hi Wolfgang,

yes, we are considering something like this. For the time being, when moving Locus to a new device, copy ALL Locus directory to it. More info: https://docs.locusmap.eu/doku.php?id=manual:faq:move_to_new_phone


Hi Michal,

great to hear that you're planing to improve it. For the moment I'm fine for the next few years ;) But when I think to all the people I brought to locus map and they are not IT people it would be great to have an easy solution for them ;)

Thanks Wolfgang