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Hi Menion,

Locus is great and so far the best from my experience.

Regarding to alert function, i would like to suggest as below:

1. Add "Text-to-speech" for sound alert.

2. Sound alert: support (wav, mp3, mid, ...) and default folder at alert folder under Locus folder.

3. Instead of alert for all POIs only, Locus should add alert feature for

a. Categories of POIs

b. POI

In such case, alert for a POI will be in priority but only once.

a. its alert, if n/a

b. alert of its category, if n/a

c. alert of POIs Alert (already implemented).

It will give users full control of alert in order to implement a travel alert system with particular alert per POI. Therefore, Locus will become a smarter friend.

Many thanks,


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Few more ideas:

4. When "rotate map" is on, the car will move on up direction (bottom to top of screen). It`s unnecessary to show in-range POIs that are "below" the car (maybe within the range of 4 and 8 hour) since the car tends to get far away from them. I think you just put it as an option of POIs Alert module.

5. For the voice alert, if there are some POIs pop up, they should be play once by once in order by distance.

6. Should we have an option of maximum of POIs get alerted at the same time. Together with idea number 5.

7. On a POI detail window (when you hit an alerted POI), should we have a button to temporary turn off its alert to inform the system that we already got it.

8. As car run at different speed, it`s better to use time (seconds) + car speed (use GPS) to alert POIs instead of absolute distance (meter).

For example, I put 60s to alert.

If my car is running at 50km/h it will alert all POIs within 830m

30km/h 500m

100km/h 1600m


+1! I think this would complete a Locus as GPS for car use, which is one of the uses.

I like the idea!


Most people who support this idea? Thanks!


i`m up for better poi alerts either tts for poi type in extentions or link to file


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It would be nice, if the POI Alert could read the name of the POI via Text to Speech.


Nice idea and I`d suggest to have these alerts as norlmal notifications including volume setting for notifications :)

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