Fully automatic track recording

Andrew Heard shared this idea 4 years ago
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Background topics - Automatic track record, Automatic track recording, Is it necessary to ask, Hide panels. There have been lots of suggestions and improvements on this topic. Here's yet another...

  • In summary the user doesn't have to spend any time with the recording - it is simply "fully automatic" and in the background. Locus asks no questions. A list of tracks, one per day, is accumulated in the specified folder.
  • Replace the existing "Automatic start" tickbox with a list (None | Automatic start | Fully Automatic).
  • Automatic start is the existing function, Fully Automatic is described below.
  • Fully Automatic operation is only available in Locus Pro.
  • The current state (recording, paused, stopped) is automatically saved when Locus exits, and restored when Locus is started. The default is recording.
  • The user can manually start, pause or stop the recording if desired via existing side or bottom panel or function button, although optimize where necessary for the most likely use-case of always recording.
  • Recording is based on selected profile (car | cycle | walk) with filter settings for time & distance without asking.
  • Recording is continually saved to a track named [yyyy-mm-dd] in the selected profiles folder.
  • Recording is fully saved when Locus is stopped without asking.
  • If running over midnight the track name is automatically changed - so that points are saved to the matching track.
  • Recording is appended to the existing track if Locus is started multiple times during the day, no points are ever deleted.

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I suggest auto-start recording option when starting navigation/guidance.


peista - what if navigation/ guidance is not active? The main point of my suggestion is the track is always being recorded.


You're right. My comment was not about. Sorry.