Fully automatic track recording

Andrew Heard shared this idea 8 years ago
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Background topics - Automatic track record, Automatic track recording, Is it necessary to ask, Hide panels. There have been lots of suggestions and improvements on this topic. Here's yet another...

  • In summary the user doesn't have to spend any time with the recording - it is simply "fully automatic" and in the background. Locus asks no questions. A list of tracks, one per day, is accumulated in the specified folder.
  • Replace the existing "Automatic start" tickbox with a list (None | Automatic start | Fully Automatic).
  • Automatic start is the existing function, Fully Automatic is described below.
  • Fully Automatic operation is only available in Locus Pro.
  • The current state (recording, paused, stopped) is automatically saved when Locus exits, and restored when Locus is started. The default is recording.
  • The user can manually start, pause or stop the recording if desired via existing side or bottom panel or function button, although optimize where necessary for the most likely use-case of always recording.
  • Recording is based on selected profile (car | cycle | walk) with filter settings for time & distance without asking.
  • Recording is continually saved to a track named [yyyy-mm-dd] in the selected profiles folder.
  • Recording is fully saved when Locus is stopped without asking.
  • If running over midnight the track name is automatically changed - so that points are saved to the matching track.
  • Recording is appended to the existing track if Locus is started multiple times during the day, no points are ever deleted.

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I suggest auto-start recording option when starting navigation/guidance.


peista - what if navigation/ guidance is not active? The main point of my suggestion is the track is always being recorded.


You're right. My comment was not about. Sorry.


And in setting you can close how long each track would be. In time og distanse :)


The solution is Tasker. "Always record when outside home" works smoothly for me meanwhile. Rather easily (relatively...) you can trigger start/stop recordings when entering/leaving home WIFI. But. You have to handle short disconnects, add some tolerance. Personally I created a GPS fencing backup, which additionally checks GPS positions at some points and if too far from home, record.

Not so easy any more :-D

All necessary recording commands are delivered by Locus:


And fetching data from Locus (like %is_track_rec_recording, current recording profile, whatever you need) is done by Locus Tasker plugin.

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