G4L: add popup info for disabled/archived caches

R5O.nl shared this question 2 years ago

Let me humbly try this question, because it might be, I am not the first to ask...

Having used Locus Pro and G4L for a looooong time I run into the wish for this function:

I have a lot of caches in the internal DB and I rarely all update them. So some caches might now be archived or disabled. It is usually quite frustrating when going for a cache that has become unavailable.

Q: would it be possible to add extra pop-up info when hovering a stored cache that that cache is now disabled/archived?

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Good day,

interesting question I have to say.

What you ask means, that everytime you tap on any cache, Locus Map ( more probably Geocaching4Locus add-on ) ask geocaching.com web site for a fresh cache data and after that display small map popup. It is not possible to quickly ask for a single parameter ( like "is cache disabled?" ), so it will always be a small update of point.

I believe that such behavior:

  • will be unwanted in many cases ( when you do not need to know fresh state )
  • should really slow down work with caches because everytime, you will request a fresh data
  • will increase consumed bandwidth because how to define if new data should be loaded or not? By time since last load? Locus or G4L do not know if cache was changed since some date ...

From my point of view, this is really complicated task and I can imagine a lot easier solution to do following steps before you go on trip:

  • move map center to final location
  • open folder with caches and select X nearest
  • update all at once

What you think?


Hi, sorry for the late answer. I was hoping I would poke into some nice functions of the API. Of course I can use the cache-refresh option, but that is normally only after suspecting a cache has moved into disabled/archived, I was therefore hoping for something like:

When browsing the map with DB stored caches and G4L is active, then normally the cache name pops up when in focus (center of screen) and it pops up _twice_: one for stored and one via G4L. We could then deduce in code that it does NOT appear via G4L and hint that it is disabled/archived.

It is all about information: info readiness and uptodate-ness is most important. So if there would be a chance to present better info to the user (on top of aged DB entries) then that would be really helpful. Anyway, thanks for thinking along.


Hello, understand.

Similar features/changes are partially little bit complicated. Mainly every tiny improvement where Locus Map & Geocaching4Locus are involved are matter of many changes in Locus API and work both me and Arcao ( developer of G4L ) ... so I'm sorry for now. Thanks for understanding.


So... there is no way, that Geocaches which got archieved, get deleted from my map in Locus? I have to check every single time when approaching a Geocache, if this Cache is still online?


let me describe this a little bit more: I have loaded a lot of Geocaches in an area months ago. Now I want to go to this area again and find Geocaches. To get the newest state of the Geocaches, I search for Geocaches near the center of the map and then it asks me to overwrite the founded Geocaches. But Geocaches which got achieved, wont be found, so they appear still online in Locus. Or am I wrong?


Good day Adrian,

I'll write you my personal steps, maybe it will help you.

When I plan any trip/search for caches, I let Geocaching4Locus download caches in target destination. I always import caches into same folder and let Locus overwrite them. In import dialog, I check "Display on the map". Because in G4L is not enabled downloading of disabled caches, these also does not appear on the map.

Hope these steps helps you.