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Garmin Inreach SE+ does not work as External GPS for Locusmaps

blahdi shared this problem 4 years ago

I have a Garmin Inreach SE+ which connects to its Earthmate Android app using Bluetooth. But, I don't like to use Earthmate since I have a much better app called Locusmaps.

Its also possible to create *bluetooth* association between the Garmin Inreach SE+and the Android phone.

When Locusmap is configured to use the bluetooth connection as external GPS, it gives an error invalid data, and errors such as disconnect and connect.

Note: A youtube video claims/shows Gaiagps app working with Garmin Inreach SE+ as a external GPS.

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Good day blahdi,

interesting device. If this device may really be used as Bluetooth GPS for Android device, you may give a try to the application called Bluetooth GPS. If your Garmin device will work correctly with this app, it will then automatically work with Locus Map (or generally any other GPS based application in your Android device) as "internal" GPS, so gives it a try.

Why it does not work directly with Locus Map? Do not know to be true. All Bluetooth GPS devices that communicate over Bluetooth 3.0 with common NMEA messages should work correctly. We may try to debug it later if you confirm functionality over Bluetooth GPS application.

Thank you and also sorry for the small delay in my response.



I tried with Bluetooth GPS - it says "Connected", but does not show any location data and neither NMEA data. I also tried turning on 'use insecure connection', connection workaround, other workaround, and it did not help.

I also tried with Gaigagps on Android - Inreach GPS does not work as external GPS. The youtube video claims it works with Gaiga, but that video was on Apple.

I am *guessing* Inreach uses some slight variation in bluetooth communication settings. Garmin Earthmate on same Android device talks to Inreach GPS via bluetooth and gets the location.


Thanks for tests. Fact that app from Garmin is able to work with other hardware from Garmin is not surprising.

But because no other apps on Android are able to work with it, it looks more like they do not use the standard system used by all other BT GPS devices.

I'm sorry, but mainly without Inreach in my hands, it is close to impossible task to solve.


I agree - it seems impossible, and thanks for closing the issue. btw: If incase it helps, u want me to install a debug version, collect any log files and send them your way, i would be happy to do that.

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