GC Cache Location Limit 161m Circle

Condor shared this idea 6 years ago
Gathering feedback

Unification of the function with GC rules.

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  • Tradicni Traditional Cache - CIRCLE
  • Multicache Multi-Cache - CIRCLE WITH IF
  • Unknowncache Mystery Cache - CIRCLE WITH IF
  • Lettercache Letterbox Hybrid - CIRCLE WITH IF
  • Wherigocache Wherigo Cache - CIRCLE WITH IF
  • Eventcache Event cache (geoevent) - WITHOUT CIRCLE
  • Cito Cache In Trash Out Event (CITO) - WITHOUT CIRCLE
  • Earthcache Earthcache - WITHOUT CIRCLE

Founded / allocated Groundspeakem:

  • Megaeventcache Mega-Event Cache - WITHOUT CIRCLE
  • Giga_16 Giga-Event Cache - WITHOUT CIRCLE
  • Groundspeak_HQ_ikona Groundspeak Headquarters - WITHOUT CIRCLE
  • Block_party_ikona Groundspeak Block Party - WITHOUT CIRCLE
  • Gpsadventures GPS Adventures Maze Exhibit - WITHOUT CIRCLE
  • Labs Lab Cache - WITHOUT CIRCLE

No longer available (for survival):

  • Virtualcache Virtul Cache - WITHOUT CIRCLE
  • Webcamcache Webcam Cache - WITHOUT CIRCLE
  • Projectape Project A.P.E. Cache - CIRCLE (There is only one active in the world in Brazil)
  • Event_10_ikona Lost and Found Event Cache - WITHOUT CIRCLE
  • Locationless Locationless Cache - WITHOUT CIRCLE (As of 1.1.2006, all were archived and locked)
  • Lostandfoundikona Groundspeak Lost and Found Celebration - WITHOUT CIRCLE (One Event 4.7.2010)
  • Benchmarkikona NGS Benchmark - WITHOUT CIRCLE (USA trigonometric points)

Criteria for CIRCLE WITH IF:

  • Multicache Multi-Cache
  • Unknowncache Mystery Cache
  • Lettercache Letterbox Hybrid
  • Wherigocache Wherigo Cache

Locus setting - Moves to the final coordinates - CIRCLE

Locus setup - original location of the coordinate - WITHOUT CIRCLE and CIRCLE FOR WP final location

Virtual or Physical WP - stage:

I do not know if this entry (identifier) is available for Locus via the GS API.

If yes, then:


physical - CIRCLE


Very nice Condor, thank you!


Remark for "CIRCLE WITH IF": the original coordinates of Multi-cache, Mystery Cache,... to new final coordinates may be changed by GC server independently of Locus setting, I think. (e.g. by new GC geocheck). :-( Unfortunately, I don't know if this can be known after cache import by API. The type of stage (Virtual / Physical WP) is available for Locus, I think. Locus displays the correct corresponding icon on the map. The problem may be on some Mystery Caches or Multi-Caches that have a box at their original coordinates and haven't Physical Stage on this original coordinates. But I would not solve this, this is very rare, I think.

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