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GC Offlinizer: log photos

Guest shared this problem 4 years ago

Since some months GC offlinizer seems to download log photos additionaly to listing+hint photos.

This is a problem cause offlinizing caches with lots of logphotos (e.g. Earthcaches etc.) is timeconsuming as well as data-consuming.

I think it would be better per default just to download listing+hint photos as before. And OPTIONALLY also logphotos. And if downloading logphotos, then maybe not the whole gallery (which could be very huge, remember example Earthcaches). Just for example those of the logs which are present in Locus. Or the latest 10 logphotos.

On the other hand in the past I sometimes also wanted to take a look at each photo of the whole Gallery to search for hints on which tree difficult T5-caches were mounted. For this case I always had to start browser and and open gallery at Would have been great if I would have had each log photo offline with me.

So I suggest to think about the behaviour of offline log photo download.

And an additional request: Right now both - listing photo and log photos - are listed in the same tab "Images". I already sometimes confused "official" listring photos of the Cache owner and log photos below. Would it be possible to put the log photos in another tab? Or at least make a better visible seperation of both sections, maybe by using bold headings "Listingimages" and "Logimages" on top of both sections.

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Hello sonny,

this really happens? I was rewriting whole communication with geocaching server, but download of log photos should not be there. Even if so, I absolutely agree, it needs to be optional!

May you give me GC code of cache, where Locus loaded also log photos to check it? Thanks.



Gallery has 216 images, Locus downloads 50 images (just setting "Download all images via Live API" checked)


Thanks sonny, this definitely is a bug, not an intent!

Seems to be changed in geocaching API system. Anyway found a workaround so it will be fixed in the next version. Thank you!

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