GC Offlinizer: setting dev_enable_auto_gc_offlinizer doesn't work in 3.18.6

rvheddeg shared this problem 5 years ago

I have noticed that the offlinizer still doesn't work as expected in the latest version.

Example: GC5YRBK

Configuration in config.cfg:


If I open this multi, with internet connection, all the images get downloaded

When I cut the internet connection, and open this multi again, all the images are gone.

When the internet connection is slow, I see that they are downloaded each time that the multi is opened

Once the images are explicitly downloaded with the Offlinizer, the problem is solved...

Locus 3.18.6

Android 6.0.1

Moto X Play

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i do confirm problem in official version

but in Testversion it work again ! ;-)

on first time i read the changelog i can´t understand but now i do



Thanks balloni, indeed I did some bigger improvements in automatic offlinizer, which probably fixed also mentioned problem. So please rvheddeg, consider this issue as solved in next 3.18.7 version of Locus Map (planned on next week). Thank you.

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