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balloni55 shared this question 4 years ago

using "Live Map" i assume with distance set to e.g. 1km, caches are loaded/visible with maximum distance to my location, or without GPS to map center to this value.

For now the whole screen, independent zoomlevel is filled with GC icons.

do i overlook something

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Hi Balloni55,

distance filtering is used used only for Search nearest geocaches. The Live map always use 60 km, which is the maximum distance allowed in Geocaching Live API.

Anyway for Live map filtering is used map bounding box (the map area which is seen in Locus Map), 60 km distance from a map center, geocache type, container size, difficulty and terrain filter and finally maximum 250 geocaches (to not take Geocaching Live API under load).

I thought this is written in User's guide, but it isn't. I will add it there.

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