generated gcFieldNotes.txt by AddOn FieldNotes ignores time zone

c.s.g. shared this problem 6 years ago

Using the latest version of Locus Pro and the AddOn FieldNotes I have

the following problem when creating a gcFieldNotest.txt file containing

my found caches during holidays:

(1.) I logged all the caches with "GMT +2.00"

(2.) The log time is shown correct in Locus Pro / Locus Pro AddOn


When creating the gcFieldNotes.txt file the log time is not set to "GMT

+0.00" in gcFieldNotes.txt as required for correct logging to

For example:

LogTime in Locus "13:00" "GMT + 2.00"

LogTime in gcFieldNotes.txt "13:00" not "11:00"!?!?

Before Locus FieldNotes AddOn everything worked as expected.


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I know about it. Will be fix in new version. Thanks.