Geocache behavior "import with link via GC4L/locus" vs "open link in browser"

balloni55 shared this question 18 months ago

Hello menion / arcao

if i choose "ask always" during both actions all work fine with always multible clicks.....

My question, is it possible to differentiate

- open "GC link from puplish mail" always via GC4L > locus direct with one click

- open "GC link inside listing" always via browser > firefox direct with one click

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Hello balloni,

I'm thinking about it. In the email, we have no influence on the content of URL and it's behavior, so there is nothing to change.

In the application, app use very common "VIEW" request with defined Url on the geocache web page. I can't imagine another method, how to simply do this while maintaining functionality. It should be possible to create some internal system where the user may choose the preferred application exactly for this button. But I believe you will agree it is little too much. So sorry, I do not see any other option here how to save one additional click :).


Hello menion

agree, thanks for your answer