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Geocache information (terrain, size etc.) not fully dispayed in guidance bar.

Andris shared this problem 19 months ago

When phone screed is in portrait mode, geocache terrain and size not dispayed in guidance panel (to much information for such small area)

If in landscape.mode, everythin is ok. See the screenshots.

Maybe it's worth replacing these difficulity and terrain stars with numbers, so they don't take up so large space?

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Hello Andris,

thanks for this bug report. The idea with removing symbols and replacing them with numbers is good. We plan a little bigger re-design later, so for now, I'll try to reduce most probably last logs. I'll look at it, thanks.


Hello Andris,

for now, I've adapted style from devices with a lower resolution, so the number of waypoints, the trackables and size is missing. I agree that using numbers instead of symbols may help here and we will think about it.

The change will be visible in version 3.45.


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