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Geocaches: not possible to copy text of Notes field

Guest shared this problem 5 years ago

Sometimes Mysterie Caches consist of part 1 to be solved at home. If the user solves this part, he gets further information within the Geochecker's answer about part 2 to be done outdoor. This part 2 could contain e.g. new formulas not being published withing the Geocaches' listing, but only within the Geochecker.

So I usually copy the Geocheckers answer text, including new formulas, and paste it within's note field.

Now the problem: Later outdoors, if I want to e.g. copy the formula within Locus' note field to copy n' paste it to Cache Solver add-on, it's not possible cause the NOTES-field in "Basic info"-tab is not selectable.

Please make the content of "Notes"-field selectable and copyable.

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Thanks sonny,

will be "fixed" in next version.


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