Geocaching and Wear for Locus

Jan-Gerard van der Toorn shared this idea 5 years ago
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What are the possibilities for geocaching with Wear for Locus? Is it possible to show hints, images, etc.? And switch to next waypoints or next geocaches from the watch? I'd like to be able to keep my smartphone in my backpack most of the time and only use my watch to navigate.

I'm considering buying a (used) smartwatch instead of a new GPS watch if Locus gives me much more functionality.

Best regards Jan-Gerard van der Toorn

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currently there is practically no integration with geocaching in Wear for Locus Map. The caches are displayed on the map though but they are not interactive in the way you would like to.

I have changed your question to the "idea" so that other people could vote for this functionality to see how many more people would also like this.

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