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Geocaching Hint - quick access

Nick Fane shared this question 6 years ago

I believe that until recently, the Hint for a Geocache was quickly available on the 'three dots' menu when guiding on a cache.

This feature seems to have been removed - so now you have to go to 'cache details' and then click a couple more times to get to the hint.

Is there some good reason for this change?

We miss that quick access - it was really handy.

Thanks for your comment

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Hello Nick

have you installed V 3.30.2 ?

if so, verify settings/maps/Point&Tracks/Point popup >is "hint" marked?

new behavior:

if there is no hint available "hint" is grayed




Yes we do have 3.30.2 – but the ‘hint’ had switched off, presumably at some update. All well now – many thanks for your help.

I had a feeling I had set it previously, but search as I will, I failed to find the right menu! I had also tried to find it in the help files – but failed.

Many thanks, that’s great.

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