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I'm using 2 Geocaching folders. Folder A for all my unfound caches within a certain distance from my home. Folder B for just the caches of a planned tour with a friend. So i can easily switch the display of just the planned caches by displaying all caches of folder B or all unfound caches by showing the caches of folder A

Sometimes I want to display the caches of folder A and B together on the map, where some caches could be part of both folders and so being displayed on top of each other on the map. Now the problems and ideas:


Right now if clicking onto the caches icons on the map and before opening the cache's details page i've to select which of the 2 IDENTICAL caches i want to open (the one of folder A or the one of folder B). 2 unnecessary clicks. Would be cool if locus could recognise that both waypoints are identical caches and just display one icon


If logging the cache as found, the smiley-icon just is displayed for the cache in one of the 2 folders. The other icon has still the unfound cache-type icon, no found-smiley. On the other side, logging a found at the yet "unfound" cache in the other folder is not possible, cause Locus answers: "Field note of the same type already exists." So in case of field notes, Locus already knows that both icons belong to the same cache and hence just accepting one log.


To sum up: It would be nice if locus could recognize identical caches in different folders. If updating the cache in Folder A, and looking at the Caches' details page in Folder B, i should read the updated details page of this cache even in Folder B. Just draw one map icon. Synchronize field notes (already working!), descriptions, images, logs, calculations, user created waypoints between the identical caches within both folders.

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Good day sonny,

thank you for an idea. I perfectly understand your use case, but I have to say that

  • I can imagine that your solution is really rare and do not expect that many users keeps duplicate caches in database
  • Solution will take really a lot of time to make work correctly. I can't imagine some kind of synchronization between duplicate points. A lot more logical should be to allow place something like "link to point" into folder, so it won't be a copy, but rather something like "symlink" ... just a reference.

Anyway usage? Hmm, I'll keep voting open, but I feel some kind of personal inner feeling against such additional complexity with close to zero benefit for most of users.


Hi menion, I understand that such a full working synchronisatin is not that easy and would take a lot of time.

Since for some details a "sync" already works beween identical caches in different folders (Images in Listing and in "Images tab", "Download satellite" addon, multi cache solver addon: formulas and values) we can live with it.

But maybe you could solve the problem that for identical caches the Field note is in sync (displayed within both detail pages) but not the icon neither within detail page nor on the map (found smiley vs. "unfound" tradi icon).




There is a lot of situation where synchronization would be undesirable.


I have the same problem. But it's fine as it works now. I know it's not funny but the behavior is absolut logically. When you click on the icon on the map and both are listet you are able to choose which one you want to open - the source folder is mentioned there. That's ok for me.


I still see only single vote down (problem in all topics!), how may I then know, that there are also people who really do not want such change (no vote = I don't care).

An issue with the icon after log makes sense to me and such change should not have any side-effect. I'll add it to my looong list of medium priority tasks.


I also vote for.

I have a lot of caches stored in several folders too.

The behavior of the locus is illogical and confusing for me.

Until recently I used cgeo, it behaves the way this topic suggests.

One cache is still one and the same cache.

Likewise, I'd like to see in map, if the cache are stored for the offline (for example, the icon for the cassette?).

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