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Kipcior shared this question 3 years ago

Second topic I'm very interested in is the geocaching. Is it comfortable to use smart watch for geocaching with Locus?? how does that look:

- are POIs (caches) visible on the map?

- if yes, how much space do they use, do they cover other elements of the map so that it;s much harder to read the map?

- are they interative, meaning you can click on them and show context menu?? Or it is only a layout of what's visible on the phone screen and any interaction has to be done on the phone directly?

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Hello again,

well geocaches are visible but are quite small and can be difficult to read. There may even be some differences depending on your watch and smartphone DPI, we are currently working on it to improve the situation a bit depending on those two ratios. Maybe we could introduce some kind of zoom for POIs and other elements that are displayed on the map, but it is not currently planned.

Anyway geocaching support on the watch is practically nonexistent so far and caches are not interactive. You only see them on the map and have to do other interactions on the phone.

You also currently have to run Locus Map on the phone as a service or have track recording active otherwise even the POIs disappear from the watch as Locus Map goes to sleep and tries to conserve phone battery and don't fetch POIs, tracks, etc. But we would like to fix this in the future so that the content would be visible even without manually running Locus as a service.


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