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Geocaching - Quick found log and next cache selection

Guanacos shared this idea 7 years ago

First of all, thank you very much for this great application!!! I used it years ago!.

When finding geocache series, once you find the one the steps are:

- Click log the cache,

- Assuming you have the log text predefined, it is just click on confirm button.

- Now, independent on where you have clicked the 'log' option, you are in the cache details, so you have to exit to the map.

- And finally, select next cache

- click on activate navigation.

Could it be possible to add an additional button to log the cache and automatically select the next nearest cache? It is an option available in Garmin GPS (well the automatic next cache selection once you log the cache) and it is very useful!

Thank you in advance!

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What a surprise!!!

Today, in Settings -> Geocaching -> Log your visit section, I have found..."what to do after log cache:

- Hide it

- Move to ...

- Select nearest one !!! <--- Great!!!!

Probably some other requested it....

Thank you very much!



few more people during these years and also my own experience, which is usually best reason to implement some new feature ;). Hope it will work fine for You, enjoy it!



mmm! Nearly perfect! the nearest cache is selected, but when you log a cache as found, with this option enabled, the cache icon does not change to the typical "smiley" :(

I have checked three time, enabling and disabling this option... and the issue happens when it is enabled.

Well! Let's see next release ;)

Thank you


Thanks for bugreport! I didn't noticed this problem before.

I believe that issue found, so it will be fixed in next version!

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