Geocaching "Send message": automatically fill clipboard with cachename, URL

Sonny shared this idea 4 years ago

I've had the following situation: I'm out in the the field, searching a cache. Because there seems to be problems with it, I'll want to contact the Owner or the last finder of the Cache.

Within Locus a can do both by simply clicking on the Owner's name within Basic Info-tab or onto a log within Logs-tab and choose "Send message". The Browser with contact form opens.

Almost everytime I need to enter the Cache's name, the Cache's short url ( to introduce what Cache I'm talking about to them. They should be able to open the cache's page with one click onto a link.

Right now its quite complicated, we have to switch back and forth several times between Locus and the Browser to copy & paste this things out of Locus into the form. (Btw: how to copy the cachename within detail page at all? even URL is not that easy to copy, since long-clicking onto Cache code in Basic info-tab just copies the Code - not the URL).

So my idea: Please provide an easy method to share the basic info of a cache (name, short-URL which is also already containing the GC-code, maybe coordinates if the contacted person is searching for the cache using a map or a GPS by entering coordinates)

Ideal would be if this info is copied automatically into clipboard if clicking onto "Send message". Then we just long-click > paste in browser's form and for example the following info would be filled in:

"The beautiful dark cave" | | N50°12.345, E10°45.789

Additionally you could also extend Locus' "Share"-function to use this string for example to share via Whatsapp

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Good day sonny,

interesting and agree that useful, simple to implement, idea.

My only worry is: may be a problem that app overwrite current "clipboard content"? What if you (as user) will have in clipboard something that you wants to keep it?

I was thinking about option to implement own "contact form" screen, but as I see, in Groundspeak API is completely missing an option to contact user over API, so not technically possible.

Hmm oki ... let's try it and we will see ;). Implemented ...


Hi Menion, you're right I think the only method to contact users via 3rd party apps is to open the contact site in a Browser, just like Locus alredy doing. No chance to prefill the form with any data too. So the "quickest" option is pasting the data from clipboard.

You're also right with your thought about the unwanted overwriting clipboard data. As an example: I want to send the Cacheowner and the last finder of a cache the same question about a cache:

So I would:

  1. click onto Owner > "Send message" (with name,URL,coords automatically copied to clipboard), paste it in form and write the rest of the message
  2. select total message, copy to clipboard, Send.
  3. click onto Log of last finder > "Send messsage". But now DON'T automatically fill in cachedata. (this would overwrite the message I copied before in clipboard)
  4. Paste the whole message which is in clipboard in the form of the last finder.

I think easiest would be to provide 2 options for sending messages:

"Send message (cacheinfo copied to clipboard)" and "Send message (nothing copied to clipboard)"


Complicated task and I have to say I do not like such solution.

Probably best solution: click on cache code.



Third option will copy into clipboard what you need. I believe this will wok fine and also remove previous second option attached to long click, which was not obvious.



Sounds good! advantage: we can copy cache details to clipboard even if we are not going to send somebody a message.

Is it possible to add this option "Basic cache details" to the "Share"-dialog as well? Right now there are 2 entries which could be easily expanded:

- "Text message": you could add ""; to the prefilled Text message, so receiver gets URL+Cachecode too.

- SPECIAL/"": you could either expand it with Cachename and coordinates. Or add another entry "Basic cache details"


Hmm "" should be probably improved, agree. It's usage is to share link to certain cache and agree that name and coordinates attached to this share text should be also usable ( when this option is already there ).

And adding it to "text message" ... it is maybe faster to tap on cache code > basic cache details to clipboard and open manually some app to share and do it manually.


Nice new feature,

But I think it would be bettern, if the corrected instead of original coordinates would be copied into clipboard...


Good day Matthias,

you mean in case of click "Basic cache details to clipboard"?

Hard to decide. From my point of view, it depends on where you wants to send these information. I may add these corrected in the end of copied text, it's not a problem, but aren't there cases, when you don't want to do it?

Hmm maybe it is better to have them in clipboard and later delete them before sending, then opposite right?

Result of public brainstorming: Oki, I'll add them into clipboard as well. :)


That's what i meant.

Thanks for implementing it

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