Geocaching tools: Draw lines for intersections and Projections

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If using Geocaching tools > Linetools > Intersection, or Geocaching tools > Middle point, or Geocaching tools > Projection just the resulting points are drawn on the map.

It would be useful and help understanding if those resulting points could be connected to their starting points with a (thin?) line. For example if caclculating the intersection point, draw a line from point 1 to 2 and from point 3 to 4. So we can see at the map what are the 4 starting points resulting in an intersection points.

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I like the idea. It would be interesting to show on screen the projection of the lines of all the tools and to be able to save the result of everything (lines and points) in kml or gpx to be able to see it in the future. The same with the circles.

Although they are tools for Geocaching, they would also be useful for forestry work.

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