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Geocaching tools. Save results.

Sergey Louks shared this question 7 years ago


Is it possible to save results for tools such as Draw Circle, Line tools, Projection? Now I use this features to search for missing drones. In this case I have gps coordinates from point where pilot lost signal from drone. Then I have wind speed and direction. I make projection from last gps coordinates and get bearing from wind direction, Length of projection line I get from drone's battery charge and remaining flight time. Then I get circle center, which I use to draw cirlce with radius 200-400 meters to find a drone.

Sometimes drones have a beacon that send a signal. In this case I use line itersection tools to find approximate coordinates of drone landing.

If I have a feture to save this computations I can send it to other people, who also will search drone.

One more question - Is it possible in live tracking mode see path of another user? In this case we can break search area into squares and in realtime see progress and make adjustments.

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Hi Sergey,

you are not alone with your whish



Good day Sergey,

as balloni correctly pointed, this feature is not yet even partially implemented. Geocaching tools currently really only draw items on the map without possibility to interact with them, sorry to say it.

Currently there are no plans to add support for such extension.



Sorry to see draw line saving function disappear because I've use it earlier for emergency beacon and fox hunting. Maybe a new tool to create "FOX HUNTING" like "geocaching". Other fonctionality like inr "shearching lost people" where greet.

For hose need you can "add new route and mesure". Long click on first point and chose projection.

Thank's for all

Arnaud F4EIR

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