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Geocaching4Locus - display cache after click on a link

skubko shared this idea 10 years ago


right now, when I have a link on a geocache (e.g. and I click on it, I get an option to "Import cache" into Locus -> this is nice... However, I think, it would be much better to have option "Display cache" instead of "Import cache". Now, when I click on some link, I must choose "Import cache" and then choose the category where I want to import it... But I do not want to import it! I just want to display it....

I think it would be better to have the option "Display cache" and then when I decide in Locus that I want to import that cache, I would simply press "+" to add it to my POIs.

What do you think?


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Hi skubko,

Something similar is planned for trackables. Anyway I added your idea to issue tracker:


Having the possibility to display trackables would be also fine, of course. However I believe that this - displaying caches - is much more used... imagine that I get e-mails with notifications about some caches - for example - somebody enabled/published something... I click on the link and I want to see that cache... not to import that cache.. Right now, I am using different software because of this reason but if Locus had this option, I would be really happy to uninstall the other app :)... anyway, thanks for adding it to the issue tracker, I will just hope it will be done someday :)


idea "forwarded" to Arcao, so topic closed as "Not planned" in Locus

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