Geocaching4Locus: "Importing only Basic info" regardless of settings

rvheddeg shared this problem 8 years ago

I can`t import geocaches anymore with geocaching4Locus. I have unchecked the "Import only Basic Info", but the result is always the same: all geocaches are imported with basic info only.

Locus 2.13.1


Samsung Galaxy S2


Android 4.2.2

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I`ve forwarded this topic to Arcao (developer of Geocaching4Locus), as this will probably not be a problem of Locus itself.

Anyway just to specify problem a little - how do you know, that geoaches are imported only as a basic points?


I noticed the problem when I click on a cache afterwards. Locus(?) started to update the cache. When I disconnected from the internet I had only basic info.

Notice that it seems to occur only when updating, not by importing.


"Not by importing"=>I mean when importing new caches. There it seems allright.


Strange, I`m not able to simulate it.

My steps:

1. Download/import one cache with "Import basic info only" and selected update only once.

2. Finish importing to empty category in Locus.

3. Disable all network connections on device.

4. Touch on a geocache/point to download rest info.

5. G4L show error: network problem.

6. Locus show basic info (expected). Any next touch on geocache/point repeat steps 4. - 6.

7. Now enable network connections on device.

8. Touch on a geocache/poi to download rest info.

9. Locus has full info (screen with full info is displayed after pressing first button in point dialog).

One dummy question: Do you have allowed Geocaching module in Locus? It`s crucial for working with geocaches.

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