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Geocaching addon: edited coordinates and personal cache note

neumpe shared this idea 12 years ago

It would be nice, if the addon uses the edited coordinates for the cache. And it would be nice to see the personal cache note.

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I like this idea. The corrected coordinates and personal cache notes are very useful features on These are especial useful for puzzles and multi caches. There are very few Apps, right now, that support these fields.

I would like the option of seeing both the original coordinates as well as the corrected coordinates and then select which one I want. If only one can be presented, then I would want the corrected coordinates displayed. In any case a flag or icon to indicate that the coordinates are corrected would be nice to have.

It would be nice to be able to also update the coordinates through Locus. If that is hard to do, then maybe that could come it a later version.

Having the Personal Cache Notes available for viewing and updating would also be a wonderful feature. As above, if updating is difficult to do, then maybe hold that for a later version.

Thank you for your consideration,



It looks like these features are being worked on throught the Geocaching4Locus add-on.

The link to the manual for these items is

Corrected Coordinates - In Locus "setting (Preferences → Geocaching → Global → Move to final waypoint) can use final location as coordinates for a cache when place cache icon on a map." Does not appear that we can edit (or save back to the cache coordinates directly, but the coordinates in the Personal Caches Notes are added to the Waypoints screen (dot arrow arrow dot icon).

Personal Cache Notes - The cache notes are displayed on the summary screen and can be viewed and edited on the Notes screen (pencil icon). On the webpage above the author talks about trying to make waypoints out of the text in the Personal Cache Notes. This seems to work fine.

** I have tried to edit and save my cache note. 1) There is no scrolling in the text box, so I`m unable to get to the bottom of the text box. 2) When I try to save the changes Locus aborts with a Forced Closure.

The Cache Notes feature was just added. It appears the using of the Corrected Corrdinates has been there for awhile.


this site is primary for Locus itself, so best to post ideas for add-ons is on add-on owners sites anyway as I also registered, this is already completed in G4L

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