Geocaching: Final location in a note

ńĆermi shared this idea 10 years ago


I put locations of solved mystery (or multi) caches into note in (that yellow thing above the listing). Is it possible to implement a function that would parse the note, find coordinates and saves them as a final stage of the cache? I think many users put their coords into note.

I`d write it myself, just for me, but unfortunately I don`t do android phones.

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This is actualy there in some sense.

It will make waypoints, event named waypoints. I`m using it extensively.

If you put there the coords in the GC usual format, that it will make a waypoint.

If you prefix that for example as Final: N 49 12.123 E 018 20.304, it makes a WP named Final.


and isn`t this you want already included in Geocaching4Locus add-on?

here I found some info

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