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Geocaching GPX export description tags missing

nIgel shared this question 12 years ago

I`m using the GSAK database addon to get my caches into Locus (pro). That is working really good.

Sometimes I want to export those caches into GPX to open it in another program. The export is working and the GPX is usable.

But I`m missing the long and short description in the GPX. Is there an option to put this in?

I played with the different options there (Mapsource compatible or not) but that didn`t help.

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I don`t know GSAK database but I had similar issues with extra information being invisible / not usable in one program. I observed that Locus exports the description into the GPX xml element desc and additional information like the icon type and the address fields into an xml element called extensions. Other software has similar behaviour - only the most important fields like lat+lon are handled in the same way by all softwares, for everything "special" you might need to "translate".

You may shortcut try & error cycles noted below by exporting a waypoint (with all possible fields filled) in both softwares and check which xml tags are used by both softwares - and from now on only use the "lowest common denominator" so you do not need to "translate".

If you need to "translate": You may create a backup copy of your GPX file, open it in a text editor like notepad++ (hint: choose Menu > Language > XML in order to set syntax highlighting), delete all except for 2-3 WPT elements, and try to change the tag names (opening and closing tag have to be written identical / it`s case sensitive) so e.g. from DESC to CMT etc. until you get what you need.

If you need to change files frequently, you may use either search & replace (e.g. using grep) or do an XSLT transformation (e.g. using Firefox) if you need structural changes.


Hmm thanks Georg for refresh of this forgotten question. I anyway think that in this case, methods your wrote for transformations of tags will not help. In geocaching, most tags are "standard" - same used everywhere.

Locus anyway export all know data (in case of geocaching) so if there are missing some information, it means that they aren`t stored in Locus.

bw. is this still problems or it was solved during a year? If not, then how exactly you get caches into Locus?


I think I produced some confusion here.

My intention was to use Locus as a kind of database converter,

by importing caches from a gsak database via kuratkoos gsak plugin into Locus and export them as gpx (all had to be done on Android without some PC steps). After a lot of trial and error and some asking I gave up, since I felt it was not right to pester Menion about difficulties and errors another program (Twonav) produced.

PS: Just tested it and the problem is not solved (XML error) but it doesn`t matter. There are only two reasons to use Twonav for me :

One is that Locus is restricting the zooming with RMAPS and so I have problems to find the last meters to the cache. But thats a completely different construction site.

The other reason is that I can show in Twonav T5 caches on the map:

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