Geocaching live doesn`t work....

vanessa_schild shared this problem 6 years ago
Not a Problem

I like to use locus pro for geocaching. it doesn`t work. if I touch the screen (samsung galaxy nexus) following error pops up:

error: no such table: geocache (code 1): while compiling......

What does it mean and how ca I stop it?

I like to use geocaching live, but there`s no cache shown in the card...

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Hello Vanessa,

I`m sorry, but I`m little bit confused from your issue. Where you touch screen? Also are you using Locus itself or any of it`s add-ons? If you want to work with some add-on for geocaching, they aren`t created by me, but some other developers. So in case it`s for sure issue of such add-on, I suggest to write directly to it`s creator