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geocaching login does not work

ZZ82 shared this problem 8 years ago
Not a Problem

it is not possible anymore for a while that I download caches via, when I start the addon respectively the button for geocaching: it says that I shall be log in via the website. When I do that, it always brings me back to the same website, but does not log in. Within the options I cannot put in my username & password.

Any ideas what I shall do?


Samsung Galaxy with version 2.7.4

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Which page do you see?


after trying to download geocaches (like I did before several times) an error occurs saying that my login or password is not correct; then you go into options & click on access (geocaching) which brings me to the browser & there to the



you wrote "after trying to download geocaches", this means you`re using Geocaching4Locus add-on right? This add-on is created by independent developer and have own support place here

did you tried to login with Locus to GC Live?? In Locus > menu > functions > Geocaching live

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