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Geocaching: Navigation to the nearest geocache

RaRaTeam shared this idea 11 years ago

Garmin has one sometimes very useful function - an automatic navigation to the nearest geocache.

Would it be possible to add the similar feature into Locus ?

My idea is to start a navigation to the nearest geocache after starting the function. If my position is changed and another geocache is closer to my position, the navigation is automatically changed to the nearest geocache. If I log the geocache as found, it is ignored and the navigation automatically redirects to the nearest not-logged geocache.

I use this function especially in a car, the navigation is redirected to the nearest geoacache without manipulation with a GPS while driving.



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gr8 idea!


Good day guys,

did you checked existing function in settings > geocaching : action after "found it"?

This feature allows to enable exactly this for caches, that are logged as "found it". Suggest to give it a try. Let me know if this feature fits your needs. Thanks

EDIT: almost month later ... idea marked as completed. "Action after found it" option is a key. Enjoy it!

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