Geocaching Tools: display data for created elements

druki shared this idea 12 years ago
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Geocaching tools offers some nice features to draw lines/circles etc.

For measurements (or for using the information again) in maps it would be useful to see the data of the created elements in the map.

Most important:

- length of a line

- radius of a circle

Less important (but maybe also useful)

- end coordinates of a line

- center coordinates of a circle

I could imagine to have a setting to display those informations at the elements or display it via selecting the element by "clicking" it.

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I like your idea. I wonder if the lines and circles could be setup to be selected? If so then there could be a popup window with an information tab of useful attributes.




-Coordinates of each point

other items like

-Midpoint coordinates

-Length to midpoint


-radius length

-coordinates of center

other items like

-Area of the circle

If these objects could be selected, then options like

-Hide or remove the object

-Edit the object (change point locations, change radius value, etc)

-Show values (length, bearing, etc) on map

Midpoint enhancements,

I`m wondering if having the option of displaying the line between the two points would be useful? Also additional information about the midpoint might be useful, such as, distance and bearing of line.

Right now this feature calculates the point and then you can select the point. You see the coordinates of the midpoint. You can then save the point, navigate (compass, etc), Tools (hide, export) and Options (Navigate, share etc). If the map center cross is over the point then the distance is reported.

Projection enhancements,

I think having the option of displaying the line between the point and and projected point could be useful. Also additional information about the projection might be useful, such as, distance and bearing of line.

The projected point can be selected and works much like the Midpoint.

For midpoint and Projection, I would like to have the option to see the line and get information like length, bearing, etc. It would be nice to be able to select the line itself and have it operated as described above.

Wow, I guess I`m asking for a lot.




great Idea: I would also like to add some thoughts: If these lines could be made selectable, why not also make them EDITABLE? With Edit I mean, MOVE the end point, DELETE in Item etc.

Also great would be if there would be a way to SAVE certain drawings so it survives a restart of the app.

These things could be useful if you try to find a certain item you see n real live on the map though triangulation.


Good idea!

and btw. It would be nice if Menion could make the labels and behaviour (clickable,editable,popup-menu) of those geocaching-tools points consistent.

Right now:

Intersection points: labeled "Test" and not clickable/editable

Middle points: labeled "Point", clickable/editable

Projection points: labeled with their coordinates, clickable/editable

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