Geocaching: Which friend found this cache?

Geofan shared this idea 8 years ago

You cannot find a cache and you will ask a friend?

But which one? Who found it?

So it would be great to see only logs of friends (and not logs of everyone).

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Could be useful to see wether a friend has found a cache or not, also for planning geocaching tours together with friends. website supports this feature, also c:geo does - at least, I think I saw it on a friends c:geo, I don`t use c:geo any more since I installed Locus the first time... ;-)

If this functionality is supported by the gc live API, I`d support it as a "nice to have" feature.


hmm I don`t know if this is or isn`t supported, anyway because Locus do not use this API for downloading caches, I suggest to add this idea to Geocaching4Locus addon and support it there